July 10, 2015

I have a new website and soon I will have a new lifestyle.  After 24 years mostly lived in Madison WI, the last 15 in the same house, I’m giving up my sticks-and-bricks house for one on wheels.  I plan on living in state parks in the general area while I clean up my obligations here in August and early September, including a Siegel-Schwall reunion gig in August, then it’s a slow ride to Mesa Arizona where I’ll spend the winter.  I don’t need to be there until about October 15, so I’ll be traveling south, possibly to New Orleans, probably heading west for a visit to Cajun country (Eunice, Breaux Bridge, etc.) followed by a slow trip across Texas, maybe with a visit to Big Bend, one of my favorite hiking places.  Austin would be another possible side trip, as well as Chiricahua National Monument in SE Arizona, my all-time favorite day hike.  I’ll be spending six months in Mesa, probably heading north somewhere west of the Rockies starting in April.  Then I don’t know.  Meanwhile Madison is sliding off of me little by little, most possessions are gone, no more local band gigs, and I’ve given up my radio show and resigned from the station’s Board of Directors.  I plan on looking for opportunities to play in Arizona and take a break for one Siegel-Schwall gig in December.  I’m also planning an actual vacation end of August, the first in years.  I’ll be in a 26-foot motorhome tow-dollying a small car for the foreseeable future.  I’m excited for all the new sights, new music, and new people in my future.  Maybe I’ll see you out there somewhere.